NFL Legend Michael Strahan’s Skincare Products are Perfect for the Traveling Man

Television host and NFL legend Michael Strahan understands the importance of being camera-ready on the go. For him, keeping his skin on point is a top priority. Knowing that many guys find it challenging to maintain a solid skincare routine, Strahan’s skincare products come to the rescue.

The skincare products make it effortless for every traveling man to elevate his skincare game. Here are some standout skincare products from his collection.

Hydrating Face and Beard Wash


Michael Strahan Hydrating Face and Beard Wash

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Navigating airports and the constant shuffle of flights can take a toll on your skin. That can leave your skin in need of proper care. Strahan’s skincare products are specifically designed to counter the effects of travel. His products provide the essential hydration your face or beard requires. This makes it an ideal wash for those who are always on the move and seeking the perfect hydrating solution.

Face And Neck Moisturizer


Michael Strahan Face and Neck Moisturizer

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Formulated as the concluding step within the comprehensive five-product skin and shave routine, this lightweight formula delivers a heavyweight punch against the appearance of dryness and ashy skin. Its innovation lies in the inclusion of activated silk skin defense. It is a pioneering ingredient that adeptly retains moisture without causing pore congestion. Its gentle, yet potent composition is enriched by soothing vitamin E antioxidants and nourishing avocado oil. 

Shaving Lotion


Michael Strahan Clear Shaving Lotion

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This gentle formulation not only ensures precise shaving, but also bestows a moisturizing touch to the skin. Forged by biotechnologists, this innovative breakthrough intensifies and reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier. By fortifying this barrier, it combats the signs of dryness, fine lines and aging, extending its benefits to the most sensitive complexions.

Post Shave Balm


Michael Strahan Calming Post Shave Balm

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Beyond its pleasing sensation, this post-shave remedy does more than feel good. It serves as a potent defense against razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It nurtures both skin and facial hair, ensuring they remain supple and sleek. This fortifying blend is further enriched with the antioxidants of rosehip oil and the supportive properties of aspen bark extract. It provides a reliable backup in the quest for skin that’s soft, smooth and irritation-free.

Conditioning Beard Oil


Michael Strahan Conditioning Beard Oil

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Crafted from hydrating ingredients, this formula takes charge in maintaining both the sleekness of facial hair and the underlying skin. A fusion of natural argan, jojoba and almond oils acts as a shield against unruly, coarse and frizz-prone beard hairs. This dynamic blend not only safeguards facial hair, but also safeguards the skin’s moisture, ensuring a dual benefit for your grooming routine.

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