Mozambique: Constitutional Council Confirms Mega-Fraud, Names Renamo Winner in Four More Cities

The Constitutional Council today confirmed widespread fraud in the 11 October municipal elections. The CC declared Renamo the winner in Chíure, Quelimane, Alto Molocue and Vilankulo. And in what seems a clear political compromise, the CC declared Frelimo the winner in Maputo and Matola, but admitted 78,000 fraudulent votes and gave Renamo 9 more city assembly seats.

There will be a new election in Marromeu and new elections in some polling stations in Nacala-Porto, Milange, and Gurue. These elections will be on Sunday 3 December, the second Sunday after the CC decision. Results in these four municipalities will only be declared after the repeat elections.

In Maputo, the CC took 29,000 votes and 6 assembly seats fraudulently given to Frelimo and gave them instead to Renamo. In Matola, the CC took away 49,000 votes fraudulently given to Frelimo – 24% of all the votes given to Frelimo by the CDE and CNE – and 5 assembly seats, and gave 1 seat to MDM and 4 to Renamo. Extra seats were given to MDM and Renamo in Xai Xai, Matola Rio, and Marracuene without changing the result.