Jack Harlow Explores Isolation In “Denver” Music Video

Jack Harlow released the visuals for “Denver” on Wednesday (Aug. 30). The music video follows the Kentucky native as he prepares for a show in the Colorado city.

Director Eliel Ford captures the song’s essence, illustrating a reclusive Harlow questioning his fame. Jack can be seen lounging about his hotel room in isolation as he jots down his thoughts on paper. The Louisville emcee is also spotted visiting a strip club where, even then, he can’t shake his pseudo-existential crisis. Additionally, Denver Nuggets star Jamal Murray appears in the video as Jack strolls through the city and its iconic mountainscape. 

Over a sample of Douglas Penn’s “Do You Know,” Jack lyrically battles his anxiety and depression. The second verse of “Denver” finds Harlow at his most vulnerable, offering a peek at his inner circle’s struggles. 

“But deep down, I find myself wonderin’/If the people that write about me are right about me/And I wonder if my exes are oversharin’ ’cause they know a lot about me/I’m a long way from Shelby County,” he raps over the FNZ and Angel López-produced track. “I been through some local tension, heard talks of a healthy bounty/Sober and focused, I cannot walk down no deli alleys/I still got the fellas ’round me, I love ’em and tell ’em proudly/My mama needs help adjusting, my father needs help accounting/I’m lookin’ out heaven’s window, I know that there’s hell around me.”

“Denver” was released on Jack Harlow’s third studio album, Jackman, in April 2023. The album is a follow-up to 2022’s Come Home The Kids Miss You. Jackman has no guest verses, unlike his sophomore album, and features stripped-back production reminiscent of his earlier projects

Watch the “Denver” video above.