Action Bronson Takes A Knee As His Edibles Kick In During ‘Tiny Desk’

Action Bronson is the latest act to transform their discography into an ambient set for NPR’s Tiny Desk. The Queens native took centerstage on the enclosed set on Tuesday (August 8).

Series producer Bobby Carter used the video’s description to share some behind-the-scenes from the 28-minute episode.

“There are times during Action Bronson’s ‘Tiny Desk‘ when his vocals momentarily drift,” it read. “We instruct our guests to face the directional microphones so that our recorders clearly pick up the voices. Action warned us of the improbability of that happening before we started filming.”

Aside from strolling away from the mic at times, he also took a knee mid-show during “Live From The Moon.” When he began “Latin Grammys,” he told Tiny Desk engineer Josh Rogosin, “I told you I couldn’t stand still. How do you play music still?”

As he ran through the medley featuring hits such as “Dmtri,” “Terry,” “Baby Blue,” and the other two aforementioned tracks, Bronson restarted a song and joked, “If I don’t do it right, it’s not right. I also wanna let you know the edibles just hit and I’ve been pretty good thus far. I’ve been holding my s**t together.”

Fans praised the 39-year-old’s set, as Instagram comments read, “this man is a gift to modern society” and “Bronson is a national treasure and should be treated as such.”

The rapper summed up his appearance by expressing, “IT WAS A PLEASURE.” Upcoming episodes will feature Sam Smith, Chlöe, Little Dragon, Post Malone, and more.

Watch Bronson’s full episode above.