Friday, June 21, 2024

Zimbabwe: Parly Speaker Warns Against Violence Ahead of July Polls – Tells Army to Remain Vigilant

AS the country approaches the 2023 harmonised elections, Parliament speaker Jacob Mudenda has urged Zimbabweans to shun violence.

Addressing the army at the National Defence University recently on “Parliament’s oversight role and contribution to national security” Mudenda said the use of violence was not consistent with constitutionalism and the rule of law.

“The use of violence, overt or covert, is not consistent with constitutionalism and the rule of law, and as such is unlawful as well as being anti-national security.

“Every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to a free, fair and regular election for any elective public office established in terms of this constitution or any other law; and to make political choices freely.”

“The Electoral Amendment Bill which is still before Parliament at second reading stage, is intended to ensure that the 2023 harmonised elections are free, fair, transparent and credible to the extent that they reflect the true democratic will of the people,” Mudenda said.

Mudenda highlighted that Parliament’s oversight role in contributing towards national security is maintaining the tenets of constitutionalism, legality and the rule of law.

“The rule of law is a tenet that attempts to protect the inalienable rights of citizens from arbitrary and abusive use of state power and force by those who have formed themselves into an oligarchy, the fertile ground for national insecurity,” added the Speaker.

He lamented that the constitutional provisions compel Parliament to legislate for the conduct of political activities so that elections reflect the totality of the people’s will on who should govern them and how they want to be governed.