Visit These Secluded Beaches Around The World

There’s no such thing as a completely private beach. But you may want to enjoy the sea without all the bells, whistles, and throngs of people. From the breaking waves to the gentle breezes, beaches are cathartic places.

If you’re not a fan of crowds, check out these five less-frequented beaches.

Klein Curaçao Beach – Curaçao

The Dutch name of this island translates to Little Curaçao. Whether you want to sunbathe under the palms, go for a swim, or do something more rigorous like snorkeling or diving, this is just the place. Klein Curaçao is approximately 15 miles off the coast of mainland Curaçao, and only select boats have access.

Salomon Beach – St. John

If you’re hoping for sandy tranquility in the US Virgin Islands, head to Salomon Beach in St. John. You’ll need to fly into St. Thomas or St. Croix and then catch a ferry. Hike the Lind Point Trail for about a mile. It can get a little hilly and rocky, so put the flip-flops away until you get to the sand.

Cotton Bay – Tobago

To get to Tobago, get the ferry from Trinidad. Cotton Bay is accessed by boat, and you can glimpse schools of fish and other marine life when snorkeling. If time permits, try to visit the other natural gems of Tobago—there are quite a few.

Esplanade Beach – United States

Within short driving distance from San Francisco is Esplanade Beach in Pacifica. To get down to the shore, take a series of switchback trails and stairs. You’re free to bring your furry friend without a leash. Before you venture out, check the weather and sea conditions. It’s best not to be there when the tide is high and the beach is narrow.

Nyang Nyang Beach – Indonesia

Located in Bali, Nyang Nyang Beach isn’t a walk in a park to access. You’ll have to carefully traverse a steep hillside covered in greenery, which takes about thirty minutes. Once you arrive, you may find the odd surfer or vendor puttering around, if that. There aren’t loungers or lifeguards, so enjoy at your own risk.