South Africa: Police Shot and Killed 18 Suspected Criminals

Police in Limpopo shot and killed 18 suspects on Friday in Makhado in Limpopo.

The police operation unfolded as the combined efforts of various law enforcement units successfully foiled a cash-in-transit robbery. The operation was executed with precision, resulting in the killing of 18 suspected criminals.

The operation began with critical intelligence gathering, which led to the identification of residential premises acting as a “safe house” for the suspects involved in the cash-in-transit robbery.

Once the intelligence was confirmed, the specialised units crafted and executed an intricate plan to breach the identified location.

Upon entry, the suspects inside the premises initiated a firefight, opening fire on the law enforcement members. In a display of remarkable professionalism and bravery, the officers swiftly retaliated. The exchange of gunfire between the police and suspects continued for nearly an hour, resulting in the fatal wounding of eighteen suspects.

At the scene, law enforcement found rifles, ammunition and a substantial quantity of explosives. Five luxury vehicles which had been stolen in Midrand were also seized.

In the wake of this operation, all necessary stakeholders were promptly informed, and the crime scene is being thoroughly processed.

The investigation into the incident continues to uncover further details, ensuring that all aspects of this criminal activity are thoroughly addressed.