Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rwanda: Inganzo Ngari Deliver Cultural Edutainment, Leave Revelers Wanting More

In celebration of Umuganura and King Ruganzu 2 Ndoli’s legacy, one of Rwanda’s most acclaimed traditional dance troupe, Inganzo Ngari’s perfomance highlighted Rwanda’s rich culture and the love Rwandans have for it.

It was a colorful celebration filled with dances, sensational traditional music, drums and excitement from the thousands of revelers that gathered for a lifetime experience.

Dubbed ‘Ruganzu 2 Ndoli’, the concert was dedicated to King Ruganzu 2 Ndoli to uniquely present to Rwandan cultural lovers a play that shows his bravery and how he brought back some of the cultural traditions that had been ignored.

The concert had different sections each represented in a sketch that showcased different cultural rituals. The sketch included the King, Queen, his children and warriors.

Traditional singers Masamba, Ibrahim Cyusa, Audia Intore and Ange and Pamella among others were also present at the concert.

The palace’s warriors helped the king and his kingdom to build the country and fight against the enemies to win wars. They also battled against each other through dance and fighting in front of the king, he rewarded them afterwards.

The same happened with the girls of Inganzo Ngari who danced flawlessly in front of the king and his queen. The crowd enjoyed the sketches and cheered after each pose they got.

Rwanda’s rich cultural history and tradition have long been passed on through music, dance, storytelling and during the concert, the troupe took the responsibility of preserving the culture and traditions.