Polo G Shows Empathy To Those “Barely Holdin’ On” In New Visuals

Polo G released the emotional new music video for “Barely Holdin’ On” on Friday (Aug. 18). The Chicago artist’s new Arrad-directed visuals tell a story of pain and triumph. 

The video guides viewers through the lives of Diana, Bobbi, Willie, and Deon, focusing on their narratives. “Barely Holdin’ On” illustrates the quartet struggling with their own issues, but ultimately overcoming these obstacles through determination. Obstacles include fighting through addiction, gun violence, and a medical patient waiting for a new heart and liver. 

Polo’s new single soundtracks the visual, but paints a picture of the artist attempting to rationalize his own trauma, as well. The first verse mentions his childhood friend, TGucci, recalling the moment he was shot and killed in a drive-by on Sept. 18, 2014. G’s second verse sends his condolences to gun violence victims and those suffering in silence, much like his video’s subjects. 

“Death in the air, that sh*t’ll leave you with a chilled spine,” he raps. “Even though my spirits down, like, I’m okay, I feel fine/Shots from that steel nine, aim from that hillside/I’m from the trenches where they murder just to kill time/A heavy heart, eyes rollin’, through dark times, soulless/Sorry that they took your son, I’m sendin’ my condolence/Gotta face the facts when the truth unfoldin’/I hope you know this/That I’m just Barely holdin’ on.”

“Barely Holdin’ On” serves as the second single for his upcoming album, Hood Poet. The LP will be his fourth studio album and is a follow-up to 2021’s Hall of Fame 2.0Hood Poet is set to hit the streets on Sept. 15, 2023.

Watch the video above.