Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Nigeria: Ministerial List – Time-Ticking, 40 Days Gone, 20 Days Left, Anxiety Reigns

Forty days after the inauguration of President Bola Tinubu, concerns are growing over what appears like a delay in the composition of the federal cabinet.

Given that the President had hit the ground running from day one, there is anxiety among Nigerians that the tempo must be maintained to achieve his objectives.

The uneasiness was heightened by the belief that his predecessor’s failure to appoint his ministers 166 days after assumption of office contributed to his poor performance.

By law, Tinubu is required to name his cabinet within 60 days after taking the oath of office on May 29 and transmit it to the Senate for confirmation.

Though Tinubu has yet to announce his ministers to form the Federal Executive Council, he has appointed some Special Advisers and new Service Chiefs, leading many Nigerians concerned by the worsening state of events in the country to question the rationale behind the hold-back.

Against this background, the Presidency had allayed Nigerians’ fears over the development last Thursday, saying Tinubu will constitute his cabinet at the right time.

Speaking during a briefing with newsmen at the State House in Abuja, Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties, Communications and Strategy, Mr Dele Alake, said: “I can tell you all of those things you’ve been reading in the media are mere fabrications. This is an executive presidency; we’re not running a parliamentary system. So, the President, the buck stops on his table, and he decides when it’s fit and proper for him to make his cabinet list.”

While the populace has urged Tinubu to consider good character, competence and experience when formulating his cabinet, those angling for slot in the ministerial list have intensified efforts, thus creating ripples across the states.


Meanwhile, in Ondo State, there have been calls for Tinubu to acknowledge the significant contributions made by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu towards his emergence as President.

According to the advocates, Akeredolu actively supported Tinubu during the 2023 presidential campaign in which he mobilised the South-West region to rally behind Tinubu’s presidential aspirations despite facing opposition and sabotage attempts.

They also said the governor stood firm and fought valiantly for Tinubu’s cause, even when his high-ranking colleagues contested for the same position.

“Akeredolu’s contributions extend beyond political support. His leadership during the Amotekun saga showcased his dedication to defending the South-West region, establishing him as an influential voice in Nigeria and a respected leader in the Southwest. Given Akeredolu’s instrumental role in Tinubu’s emergence.

It is crucial for Tinubu to acknowledge and appreciate these efforts. Also to demonstrate this recognition, it is essential that Governor Akeredolu’s men are well represented in President Tinubu’s cabinet. As Tinubu aims to have fair representation from all states, it is imperative that Ondo State, under Akeredolu’s leadership, is not left out. Akeredolu should have the freedom to select individuals who have worked diligently for Tinubu’s cause during the campaign period,” one of them said.

The backers further urged Tinubu to provide adequate representation for Ondo in his cabinet through demonstrating appreciation for the unwavering dedication of Ondo indigenes that actively supported his campaign.

They said Director, Humanitarian and Social Directorate of the APC, South-West, Chief Alex Ajipe, ought to be put into ministerial consideration due to the significant role he played in the campaign, noting that Ajipe provided campaign offices and branded vehicles to boost Tinubu’s electoral efforts.

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