Liberia: 'We'll Have Zero Tolerance On Corruption'

Liberia’s upcoming October 10 polls have taken an exhilarating turn as presidential hopeful Allen Brown has promised a relentless fight against corruption with his administration’s zero-tolerance policy.

The Liberia Restoration Party (LRP) is dedicated to ushering in a new era of transparency and accountability, as his campaign has gained significant momentum, resonating with an electorate longing for an end to the systemic corruption that has plagued the nation.

Brown, an experienced and respected leader in Liberia, has made it his paramount mission to eradicate corruption from the roots, instilling confidence among citizens and foreign investors alike.

With a vision of a prosperous and corruption-free Liberia, the LRP standard bearer also outlined a comprehensive strategy that aims to tackle corruption in all its forms.

At the core of Brown’s campaign is a commitment to implement stringent laws and regulations that will ensure ethical conduct in both the public and private sectors.

Speaking to scores of citizens over the weekend at the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinion (CIEO), Aspirant Brown further warned that those who engage in corrupt practices will face the full force of the law, leaving no room for impunity.

He maintained that Brown-Noosevett’s administration intends to bolster the existing legal framework by strengthening anti-corruption institutions and providing them with the resources necessary for effective operation.

Recognizing that transparency is key to combating corruption, Brown promises a robust system of checks and balances, prioritizing the establishment of an independent anti-corruption commission tasked with investigating and prosecuting corrupt individuals irrespective of their social or political status.