Kenya: Govt Orders Re-Opening of Schools in West Pokot County Closed Due to Banditry

Nairobi — The government has ordered the re-opening of schools that were shut down as a result of banditry in West Pokot County.

Kindiki said Thursday during a security meeting in West Pokot’s Sigor area, that the government is committed to ensuring every child in West Pokot and the entire country has access to education.

The Interior CS stated that the government has set aside Sh100 million to aid in the rebuilding of schools that were vandalized by bandits who have wreaked havoc in the County.

“All schools that were closed as a result of banditry must be reopened. All schools whose infrastructure was vandalised by bandits will be reconstructed by KDF officers supported by NYS officers,” he said.

The move comes a day after the government allocated a similar amount to the rebuilding of schools in Turkana.

While addressing the issue of banditry, CS Kindiki underscored that the government’s approach would not involve collectively punishing or profiling entire communities or regions.

Instead, the focus would be on holding individuals accountable for their actions.

“The Government doesn’t believe in collective condemnation of communities. Crime is individual, and perpetrators of banditry will be dealt with individually,” he added.

Kindiki further directed the immediate establishment of seven Divisions in West Pokot County and deployment of government officers by Friday next week

While the Government will recruit and deploy National Police Reservists to supplement security offered by Police officers, Kindiki maintained that all firearms illegally in the hands of civilians must be surrendered to authorities.