Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Gambia: Gach CEO Donates D250,000 to First Banjul Int'l Surgical Conference

The Chief Executive Officer of GACH Global, Abubakary Jawara, known for his humanitarian gestures, recently donated two hundred and fifty thousand dalasis (D250,000) to the organising committee of the first Banjul International Surgical Scientific Conference (BISSC) in his quest to making the event a successful one.

“No nation in the world, being a developing or developed country, will achieve its developmental aspiration in the absence of a vibrant health sector,” the GACH boss said during a presentation at the country’s main referral hospital – Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) – in Banjul.

“Again, no government can do it alone when it comes to achieving quality health service delivery,” he added, saying: “Therefore, given the fact that the nation’s achieving quality health services across the country remains a top priority for me and our foundation, we think it’s of paramount importance to support the organising committee of this year’s event with the objective of ensuring that they have a successful conference.”

The conference is a leading scientific event geared towards showcasing surgical procedures and exchanging of up-to-date knowledge in all surgical disciplines ranging from paediatric surgery to neurosurgery, ortho and trauma intervention, obstetrics and gynaecology, general surgery, urology, and plastic surgery.

Mr Jawara reiterated his support for developmental initiatives such as in the health sector: “We are delighted to be associated with and also support this initiative. GACH Global is known for its philanthropic gesture; thus we will continue to strive towards that goal.”

He elaborated: “The health sector is very important in any country; thus we will continue to support any initiative that is geared towards improving the health sector. This event is important to every Gambian because we need healthy people in order for our country to be developed.”

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of EFSTH, Ammar Al Jafari, thanked GACH Global for supporting the initiative, saying the importance of the conference could not be over-emphasised.

“This has been my dream for The Gambia since I started serving as CMD because I know how it has boosted the health sector of countries that have hosted it,” Dr Al Jafari said. “Therefore, we are delighted at the support, and be rest assured that we will continue to work towards improving the country’s health sector.”

He posited: “Our plan is to conduct over 100 surgeries during this conference with well trained and qualified surgeons to reduce the number in the waiting list to save lives. Therefore, I want every Gambian to support this cause, taking into account that it will save lives and improve the country’s health sector. In fact, this initiative can help minimise patients travelling overseas for surgery, which can also contribute to the country’s economic sustainability.”