Entire Ind. House Black Caucus boycotts antisemitism bill – REAL News Michiana

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — REAL News Michiana has learned the entire Indiana House of Representatives Black Caucus staged a boycott against a House Bill to fight against antisemitism. House Bill 1002 passed the House with a “unanimous” 83-0 vote. The only problem: 17 people didn’t show up, including every single Black Democrat member of the House.
“I couldn’t believe it.” One member of the house who asked not to be named said. “We were all looking around and said, ‘they’re really going to boycott this?’”
According to the Indiana General Assembly website, House Bill 1002 (also known as the Enforcement of Equal Educational Opportunity bill) “Defines ‘antisemitism’, specifies that the public policy of the state is to provide educational opportunities free of religious discrimination, and provides that antisemitism is discrimination on the basis of religion.”
According to a roll call vote, Indiana Representatives John Bartlett, Earl Harris Jr., Ragen Hatcher, Carolyn Jackson, Renee Pack, Gregory Porter, Cherrish Pryor, Robin Shackleford, Vernon Smith and Vanessa Summers all did not show up for the vote. Those 10 members represent every Black Democrat member of the Indiana House of Representatives.
While the boycott was well-known by all of the legislatures and media outlets covering this year’s legislative session, none of the legacy media outlets reported the apparent antisemitic actions of the Black Democrat Caucus.
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Looks a lot like a NAALCP mini convention.
Good! This might be the first thing that group has EVER done that I would agree with.
We don’t need anymore special carve outs for protected classes. If it is OK to criticize Christians, Hindi, Buddists, atheists, and agnostics, then it is ok to criticize Jews as well. And before anyone claims that the law only prevented attacks and allowed criticism, I would like to point out that the ADL has long defined criticism as an attack.
Really weird to be ok with bigotry unless youre an bugot
What should citizens expect from their elected representatives who participate in a “caucus” based on skin color?
So Brian Robbins, criticism is bigotry now? How long have you been on the ADL payroll? Do they give you business cards? How is the insurance?
NO GROUP is above criticism, even if you decide to mislabel it.