Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Cameroon/Nigeria: Okocha, Amokachi, and Others Warned Against Attending Football Tournament in Cameroon

The Ambazonia Interim Government is urging international footballers who intend to visit the region for a football event to exercise caution and reconsider their involvement.

The Interim Government (IG) of Ambazonia has issued a strong warning against a planned football gala tournament scheduled to take place in Victoria, Ambazonia, on Thursday, 30 November.

In a statement issued over the weekend and signed by its President, Chris Anu, the IG declared a total lockdown for Victoria and all of Fako County on that day, urging all businesses and transportation services to cease operations.

The IG’s decision stems from concerns that the tournament could exacerbate tensions and jeopardise the local population’s safety.

Victoria, Ambazonia, is a coastal city in southwestern Cameroon.

It is the capital of the self-proclaimed Federal Republic of Ambazonia, a state seeking independence from Cameroon.

The region has been embroiled in a protracted and devastating conflict for nearly eight years, and the IG believes that organising a football match during such a volatile period is insensitive to the plight of the people.

“We understand the desire of colonial La Republique du Cameroun to promote normalcy through sports,” stated Mr Anu. “But we firmly believe that the current circumstances in Ambazonia demand a different approach. We cannot ignore the fact that the underlying motivation appears to be driven by political agendas rather than genuine love for football.”